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Well, here is my first dreamwidth post. Hope you ladies and gents like looking at these scans as much as I love sharing them.

Uh.. "Welcome to the age of consent"! Yes, welcome! Did you know you now have to wear a huge furry full body condom for two?

I'm gonna go off experience here, and call that cover burb about girls "LOVING" anal pain an outright lie.

Love the design and font work going on here. A fucking epic cover.

This one is from my pal Lewis' collection and not mine, so I don't know if the interior writing is as outrageously sexist as the cover copy, but I assume it is. This one is very much in the same vein as the issue of Regency I posted a couple weeks back -- except even more over the top! I mean "Slug em and leave em!"?? Holy christ.

Posted this because I adore the cover photo. So pretty with the cascading twinkling reflective stringy things.

Ok, I admit it. The only reason this is here is because of "Jump shots and hump shots". Aside for Jose Cuervo, with salt and lime -- those are my favourite ones.

This great issue of High Society has a photospread of Bougie boner creator Ginger Lynn (under the name "Tammi") the amazing anal dwarf Louis DeJesus as a cupid who gets his cock sucked, and the awesome stars of STAR80 nude, as promised on the cover. A stand-out issue.

Trying to figure out the concept with this photoshoot. He's a professional who reads the paper... and the candy and pigtails makes me think she's supposed to be a sad schoolgirl, maybe? But then why the duster which is more of a maid fetish, and the big nerdy glasses which is librarian fetish boilerplate? C'mon Broadside -- you're in the jizz-biz. You should know better.

Date: 2012-01-21 04:28 pm (UTC)
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Ah, very cool place. I have RSS'ed you, brother!


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