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Haven't done this for awhile. Ok, here we go! Let's start with a rather interesting 1960s phenomenon in adult magazines: The cartoon mascot. Influenced by Playboy (which, for it's first years always had a cartoon bunny that looked like a rather dapper TRIX rabbit), many of the magazines that were trying for a classier motif would employ a dashing cartoon animal fellow who would inhabit live photos and leer at girls like a pervy Roger Rabbit. There are many examples of this, but here are a couple that I like:

Actually, I adore that lovely girl on the cover of that issue of Jaguar, so lets see some more of her.

Her name is Mandy Lou Darvis, and I have no idea what became of her, but at the time of these pics she lived in Allentown PA, was 23 years old, and worked as a dental technician.

Check it out. Motherfucking Snake Plisken, yo. Italian porn style! ^_^

I was about to make a John Lennon joke for this one, and then I realized he looked more like a guy in one of those the 1990's Manchester bands. I can't think of a good Stone Roses or a decent Inspiral Carpets joke, though. Oh well.

Holy shit. They sure knew how to get a guy to plunk down his $2.00 at the magazine stand back then, didn't they? Who could resist the "Lush Dames" of TORCHY?

Deer in the headlights.

This issue of Dian Hansen's LEGSHOW had a pretty boring cover, but I really liked this back cover she used! Haha! Radness. I know a few smartasses the "6'3 Amazon" could help me with.

I don't even know what to say about this. Kinda hot, though.

As usual, I'm gonna save the best til last:

Take note: "Pizza Ass" required $15 of your hard-earned 1981 dollars to take a copy home from the dirty magazine store. Adjusted for inflation, that is $35.00. But c'mon, it's PIZZA ASS! Who wouldn't?!


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